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Burg Simpson is committed to protecting your legal rights and obtaining justice for catastrophically injured individuals and their loved ones. Over the last 30 years our award-winning trial lawyers have obtained justice for thousands of Ohio residents and out-of-state visitors, who have suffered injury due to the negligence of others.

Ohio Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers

When your life has been disrupted and devastated, it is not the time to go it alone. Whether you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, been injured by a consumer product or a dangerous drug or suffered as a result of serious medical malpractice, our 100-strong team of trial lawyers, paralegals, nurses and consultants are ready to provide you with the resources and expertise that you need in order to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

At Burg Simpson we are passionate about treating every one of our clients (past and present) with compassion. We can’t undo the accident that has devastated your life but we can help you rebuild. While you take the time to recover physically and emotionally we will fight for your future, with a legal team that is never intimidated and never out-matched.

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